We have a unique background dealing with infrastructural and ‘engineering’ projects.  We are the leading provider of planning services for Strategic infrastructure Development (SID) proposals, with a wealth of experience dealing with a range of projects including:

• Energy distribution networks
• Power generation facilities
• Waste disposal infrastructure – including landfill, composting, MBT and incineration facilities

By their nature these projects are complex and challenging with a need to balance technical requirements against planning / environmental considerations.   The application process itself is further complicated by the introduction of the Strategic Infrastructure Act and the need for early, detailed consultation with An Bord Pleanála.  We have played a key role in establishing a positive consultative relationship on SID projects with the Board and other authorities, including the EPA.

Our involvement in infrastructural projects typically pre-dates site selection.  This has the key advantage of allowing for detailed due diligence studies and the early identification of sensitivities and significant impacts.  We typically remain involved throughout the pre-planning / project development stage, the planning application process itself and advise on post-planning issues and compliance.

Our inputs to these projects has included:

• Strategic planning advice on project formulation
• Advice on application structure, process etc.
• site selection / appraisal inputs;
• consultation with statutory bodies, Planning Authority / An Bord Pleanála;
• Inputs to, and collation of, planning application including EIS (where required)
• Compilation and assessment of 3rd Party submissions and preparation for any oral hearing (where required)
• Participation in oral hearing: liaison with legal team; preparation of précis of evidence – including references to issues raised by 3rd parties; and expert witness
• Assessment of, and advice on, emerging decision
• Compliance support.